Athlete of the MonthNovember

Monica Zanin

Career: School Principal

Years at CrossFit Great Barrington: 5

Athlete Spotlight: Monica

This month we’re highlighting Monica’s amazing (and enviable) dedication to her CrossFit regimine even when she didn’t have equipment during the pandemic. Read her Q+A to learn more about how CFGB helped her to get resourceful!

How Did You Get Started?
I’ve been involved in CF for the past 5 years after what seems like a lifetime of running. I wanted something more and had worked out with Mike many years ago so we reconnected as I began sessions at CrossFit GB. I really enjoy having a script during workouts and how CF workouts are intentionally planned to incorporate multiple areas of fitness. This has kept me interested and as a result, committed.
What is your favorite exercise (or workout?)
Endurance workouts are my favorite. Chippers seem to push me the hardest and are also a strength of mine just as many of my favorite movements are movements that I’m more proficient with.
How about your least favorite?
I have a love/ hate relationship with the Echo bike!
What's your favorite thing about CrossFit Great Barrington?
I would totally recommend giving CF a chance(CFGB specifically)as everyone is super supportive, all while being at different fitness levels. Mike takes the time to explicitly teach us the movements and always reviews the benefit of each exercise. As I’ve had to workout at home more frequently this year due to the pandemic, I’ve missed the support of the members and their ability to push me further than I would myself. CF has me hooked, hooked enough to resort to improvising during the pandemic with an old “stone” I found in my yard when we moved into our home. I had no home equipment during the pandemic and the demand made it nearly impossible to purchase anything. I resorted to using the stone to keep up with the workouts and to my surprise found myself stronger when I returned to the gym in June. My clean which is my least favorite exercise (mainly bc it’s my weakest) was pr’d after cleaning a rock for three months! I still laugh at this, my husband not so much. I would have never continued this level of exercise though the pandemic if CF didn’t have such an impact on how I feel each day. The script keeps me engaged and coming back and the people are beyond supportive.

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